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The line up this week is so good that Met Eireann have had to issue an Haha-mber alert for Dublin 8. Good humour spreading in from the east with an occasional outbreak of thunderous applause with short interludes of thought provocation and a fairly scattered shower in the audience.
Next week is Week 2 ALH (after Love Hate) and the people are slowly getting their lives back, no longer worried about accidentally revealing a spoiler or having a spoiler revealed to them. The one thing we know about this week’s Inn Jokes is that someone is going to get wacky.

To celebrate the 51st date of Inn Jokes at the Patriot’s Inn Kilmainham 9.15, we bring back the headliner from the first – Damien Clark. The Australian who re-emigrated from Ireland after emigrating to here has been making a big go of it in England.  A total sellout at the 2014 Edinburgh festival, no less than Kevin Bridges has described him as The world’s wittiest machine gun. Let yourself in on one of the funniest secrets in town. – The Scotsman. “A guy who sees the funny side of everything. Infectious, hilarious and highly recommended
Joining Damian is another one of the Returned (emigrant rather than French Zombie). Jarlath Regan has also done good abroad. As well as being on the telly with Russell Howard, he’s also the setterupper, maker and carrying-it-oner of the hugely successful Irishman Abroad podcast

Finally Alison Spittle is a woman going places. Finalist in the RTE New Comedy Awards last year and also shortly to be seen on You Choose You Lose a new comedy game show on RTE2

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