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After two months not MCing I’m back. Like all the best autocrats, my original fear was that the club couldn’t function without me, and then that was replaced by an even greater fear that the club was actually fine without me. Apparently the guest MCs – Alison Spittle and Tom O’Mahony – were really good. And we can’t be having that.
So I’m signing an exective order placing me as MC For Life unless I’m impeached.
Speaking of Washington, our opening act is Jim Elliott, who started in Washington DC and moved to Ireland where he is doing very nicely, playing all the major festivals, a regular commentator on Newstalk radio and also has set up the first Comedy Roast Battle where comedians rip each other to shreds – bring the practice out into the open.
Next up it’s Johnny Candon  – He has delighted audiences as far afield as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, The Middle East as well as all over Europe. A regular at all the major clubs across the UK and Ireland, Johnny has toured the UK with names as big as John Oliver and Ricky Gervais .
Our headliner is Damien Clark an Aussie who emigrated to Ireland, re-emigrated from Ireland to the UK, after emigrating to here in the first place has now de-emigrated having established himself over there so he can pop over whenever he wants. Support act for Jack Dee and Kevin Bridges, Damian has sold out show after show at the Edinburgh festival. You can see him now on’s  Facebook TV shows, where all TV will be in future.
And I’m back after we had a new baby a lovely girl called Lily who is (absence 1) who is also sporting a newly repaired aorta (absence 2) so I’m raring to go. Or maybe rearing to go, 20 years rearing left, to be precise.

Other things I’m involved in at the moment:

  • The Dublin Storyslam- next one is September 19th – we need storytellers (apply anytime by sending an email to ) Tickets will be on sale at soon.
  • I’m back on RTE Radio 1 Drivetime for the summer with a column every Tuesday. The latest one is here
  • Examiner columns are still coming thick – definitely – and fast if  you want to read about rivalry, the Game of Trumpslyingneo Nazis and obviously one on not knowing what to think at all.
  • Also if you’re warming up for Inn Jokes by watching the GAA Facebook page I’m doing their first live broadcast on Wednesday at 7pm with people who know about GAA. It’s a bit like Up For The Match without the novelty song, the flags in the audience, an audience. More of a Logged On For The Match.

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