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April – traditionally a time of showers and with the weather getting a small bit milder, it would be no harm at all to have a bit of a wash. The clocks have gone forward, removing the Is-It-Next-Week-The-Clocks-Go-Forward from smalltalk for another year.

Inn Jokes this month falls on Spy Wednesday, the feast day that commemorates the Garda Ombudsman’s office and to celebrate we’ve got people off the telly.

Barry Murphy
Our headliner this week was one of the mythical founding fathers of Dublin’s Comedy Cellar, inspired a generation of comedians on “The End” (a television show on RTE that RTE didn’t even know was on) and yet instead of drifting around the golf-clubs of the country telling ‘goodones’, he is still delivering the sharpest and funniest comedy while us young’uns are still asking if there are any Americans in.
He may be best known for Apres Match which has been consistently good for nearly 20 years.
His most recent brainchild, Series 2 of Irish Pictorial Weekly was nominated for an IFTA (although after this week’s debacle we’re not sure if we can use IFTAs as a reference point for ANYTHING any more.) But more importantly than that it managed to topical and funny. (Irish Pictorial Weekly, not the IFTAs)
We always include these links because they’re just hilarious so here they are again. and

Joining Barry is Micky Bartlett who stars in BBC’s Monumental and the Blame Game and is currently touring the Northlands with his own show and rising star Colm Tyrell

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