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Inn Jokes April 20th with Karl Spain, Paul Tylak and Joanne McNally

What is that old saying about the weather in April?
In like a lion, killing all the livestock, disappearing for a bit to lull you into a false sense of security ,
Out like a malevolent cousin, giving out and stealing an ornament”

Two months later, still no government. For a while it was great, like when a set of traffic lights is out of order and traffic just flows fine or when RTE went on strike that time and Sports Stadium had only football on and no horse-racing but now it’s getting serious like when a teacher goes on ‘nerves leave’ the April before the Leaving and with half the course not covered.
Over-wrought metaphors aside, Inn Jokes is really the only option for stable comedy government at this stage. And in our cabinet meeting tonight we have the following items on the order of business.

Our headliner is Karl Spain. One of the funniest and thinking-on-his-feetest comedians in Ireland, Karl is probably best known in Ireland for his TV series Karl Spain Wants A Woman which was a huge success in that he not only got huge ratings but he also found himself a woman. Then he filmed Karl Spain Wants to Rock. He did not get a woman from that show but he did acquire a number of hairy new friends. Apart from his own series he has also performed stand up on television all over the world – the U.S, the Middle East, Australia and even as far away as England. Karl’s other Television credits include: RTE New Comedy Awards, the Comedy Store, Class Clowns Liffey Laughs series 1 and 2, The Late Late Show and The Panel and recently co-wrote with Al Porter, the hugely successful and total sellout show Freezin at the Olympia.
Karl is joined by Moone Boy’s Paul Tylak (star of this brilliant Foil Arms and Hog sketch about how to speak Dublin (he’s takes it to another level at 1.30)) and co-host of the Republic of Telly Joanne McNally!

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