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After the release of 50 Shades of Grey on February 12th and Valentine’s day at the weekend, frankly we’re not quite sure what state our audience will be in by the following Wednesday. But, keeping in mind the bittersweet and pleasure/pain dichotomy, we’ll try and make you laugh until it hurts.

Roundabout this time every year we mark the nascent evening-stretch with one of our favourite inn Jokes regulars Joe Rooney. Joe is a comedy pillar in this country. Best known as Father Damo but this was but one string to his bow. In fact it’s a spare string. He’s like Legolas he has so many strings. He was on Killinaskully for years, recently on Callan’s Kicks, just back from an American tour. Joe is the real deal comedy-wise. With a career spanning three decades but always fresh, it’s a pleasure to have Joe at Inn Jokes this month. Joining Joe are Tom O’Mahony and Edwin Sammon

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