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FIVE weather warnings this week. And there had only been planning permission for three. Once again the rights of the residents are being ridden roughshod over.

January can be tough even at the best of times and since January always happens just after Christmas, it’s never the best of times. We try to escape from it by giving it other names – Veganuary, Planuary, Fanu… em … anyway.  Well, there’s one place that’ll give you shelter from the storm – Inn Jokes January at the Patriot’s Inn and we’ve a famous person to headline this month!

Aisling Bea
Proper Famous she is. The winner of the Best Female TV Comedian at the UK Comedy Awards, Winner of So You Think You’re Funny AND of Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Festival, star of 8 out of 10 cats on Channel 4, Live at the Apollo, Aisling is on her way to becoming  one of Ireland’s most successful comedy exports.

Joining Aisling are Colum McDonnell – cruelly struck down by illness last month so he couldn’t make it but rearing to go now – and Paul Marsh who is also a paramedic so if you’re going to have an emergency, Inn Jokes is probably a better place than A&E at the moment.

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