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Bleurgh. The Third Monday/Tuesday in January. Throw them into the bin. And not the recycling one either. The black bin, the one for wrapper from the raw chicken and the old jar of pate from the Christmas party and the half-used paint samples.
And to make matters worse, Inn Jokes is a little later this month – Jan 25th. But it will be a good one. As regulars will attest, Inn Jokes has been non-crap for a good while now and Wednesday week be a nice treat too.  And on the upside, the stretch in the evenings, which is apparently the length of a cock’s (rooster) step on January 6th, will be a full walk of the cock by then.

Our headliner is Joe Rooney. This time every year Joe toddles down from the Louth/Meath area to be funny and great here in the Patriots and this year is no exception.  With more than 20 years comedy under his belt, Joe is flying at the moment having toured a bit of America last year – just in time before it’s closed down next week to visitors –  and also the Middle East with the Improv group Whose Line Is it Anyway? And he also played an Elvis impersonator on Red Rock!

Next up is Brendan Burke. Brendan has also performed all over the world, headlined at all the main comedy clubs throughout the UK, had a Vicar Street show, was on the Late Late show and even supported Julio Iglesias in front of 8000 people! That was a while ago now. But I’d say if the son was around he’d get the gig for that too.

Finally it’s Emma Doran’s first full international cap. She did a few minutes here last year, went down a storm, is making waves with her comedy and very funny videos and a great writer. She was also in the Bridget and Eamonn sitcom and is having a solo show at the Mill Theatre in Dundrum in March.

Other News.
Ah quiet you know, the usual plotting and shnaking around to get the work in for this year. My book Bolloxology pretty much sold out every copy that was printed and in the week before Christmas week, was the 7th highest selling book in Ireland. They’re printing more so if you’ve a book token or a one-for-all burning in your pocket.

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