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LATE? Late isn’t the word. LATE  LATE are probably the words. “I suppose since he went on the late, late he thinks now all he has to do is snap his fingers and we’ll come to his gig at short notice” is probably what you are thinking. But nothing could be further from the truth. Or not many things.
Anyway, never mind that. Inn Jokes is back this Wednesday with a double headliner night of comedic magic and magical comedy as Jack Wise, World Street Championships winner, performer for presidents ambassadors and Inn Jokes punters, joins magical comedian Chris Kent, fresh from an iIrish tour, appearing on Russell Howard’s Comedy Central comedy show. Also on the bill is Gary Lynch, one of the hardest workingest comedians going – back from another sell out Edinburgh Fringe. His 5th in a row.
Also, I’ll be selling and signing a few of my new book and possibly giving one away to a lucky/unlucky audient.
Speaking of which …


  • I was on the Late Late Show on Friday and I didn’t make a hames of it.   
    I was promoting …
  • …. My fourth book Bolloxology

    which is out now. Let’s make it a best-seller. All proceeds from sales eventually work their way into the wider economy and help offset the effects of Brexit.
  • My radio show Colm O’Regan wants a word won a PPI National Radio Award! Of course awards are just subject, just one group of people’s opinion UNTIL YOU WIN ONE. In which case I am truly humbled (meaning I can barely get my head through my jumper) to be recognised by my peers and people better than me. You can listen back here
  • I’m back on BBC’s World Service In the Balance  - podcasts here. I’m usually on around the half way mark.
  • I’m back for a 5th series of Talking Business on BBC World News TV making short video reports. They’re not thigh slapping funny but you might find them interesting and I think they’re getting better
  • Irish Examiner articles as ever is here
  • Gigs Gigs Gigs – Tickets Tickets Tickets.  These gigs are around the place so if not geographically suitable for you I’d be happy if you could just mention it to any of your local on-the-ground agents and operatives. There’s a pair of tickets for each gig. For clarity please answer the question for the gig you’d like to go to



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