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Sorry for the lateness of this event update. It’s been a quiet few weeks in the worlWAIT WHAT?! ALL FIVE GIGS ARE YOU SERIOUS? anywhere, where was I, yeah apart from that it’s been a quiet … WHAT SEVEN-ONE? AGAINST BRAZIL? IS THAT A TYPO …?

Anyway Inn Jokes is back. We’ve had a nice run of gigs and this month is no exception. A sort of double-headliner-with-very-good-other-fella-as-well. As with last month we are starting at 9.15 and we’ll have just one break. It means more time for comedy people seem to be happy with it so we’ll stick with that.

Our double headed comedy monster is as follows
Kevin Gildea
Kevin was due to be here earlier in the year but a last minute call from his other job – On RTE1′s arts programme The Works – which saw him go to London to interview Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy and Ricky Gervais. Even though we’ve plenty of muppets of our own here in this country for him to talk to, we reckon it’s fair enough he got to chat with the originals so he went with our blessing.

Opening the show – as he is dropping in on his way to the Tom Dunne radio show on Newstalk – is Inn Jokes regular Karl Spain TV and radio star and all-round Proper Stand-up Professional.

Sandwiched in the middle between two slices of … er ‘ciabanter’ is a bit of free-range Danny O’Brien – resident MC of the Comedy Crunch (Dublin’s favourite tourist go-to-see-event according to Trip Advisor). He’s getting better and better and off to Edinburgh for the festival which is more than can be said for your

MC COLM O’REGAN – fresh from opening for Chelsea Handler and on his way to work with Milton Jones, Ed Byrne and Rhys Darby at the Vodyfone Comedy thing so he doesn’t NEED Edinburgh THANK YOU VERY MUCH, it’s fine, hardly even gave it a second thought about going, not playing on his mind at all.

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