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“What is going on?” “A week late and a day late.” “I heard there were fierce ructions” “They’re trampling all over tradition.” “If you can’t rely on that, what can you rely on?”

You may have entertained any one of these thoughts since you heard the news that this month’s Inn Jokes is on a Thursday. And you would have been justified.

A Wednesday Inn Jokes is a tradition that goes back into the mists of time. In September 2010, there was a different government, 1 cent and 2 cent coins were not the pariahs they have become, the IMF were merely a friendly institution that gave periodic ineffectual warnings about Irish property prices.

But to achieve true greatness one must not be afraid to disrupt, said someone in a pub once, (Plus there were concerts in the Royal Hospital and the fans swamp the Patriots at about 10.45, thus trampling the fragile flower of comedy art with their rock boots). To help ease the pain of disruption we’ve a great line up in store.

Karl Spain returns for a much welcome fifth visit to the Inn (known in club parlance as the Fiver). Joining Karl and making his Inn Jokes (but by no means his comedy) debut, is Brendan Burke. Finally it’s actor and comedian Patser Murray.

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