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Have things calmed down yet? Could we have a week without record or ploughing-breaking weather, a world figure visiting or cancelling, a presidential candidate promising to find Batman or invent a time machine? Hopefully this will be it – the dullest week in the year so far so.
Regardless of the background noise, Inn jokes will still be the highlight of the week and another great line up will ease you into October and the official start of the Big Coat and The Heating On season.Patrick McDonnell: This man has been at the heart of all the best comedy produced in Ireland over the last 20 years. In Father Ted he was the unforgettable Eoin McLove – cake-jumpers and I’ve-no-willy merchant extraordinaire. He was a writer and actor in the criminally underrated Stew. Next up was the outstandingly successful Naked Camera and he was a writer and superb comic actor in The Savage Eye. He has since been in movies and Moone Boy. And if all of that wasn’t enough Patrick McDonnell is one of the finest live stand up comedians in the country.

Joining Patrick is Jim Elliot. A razor sharp comedian from Washington DC who relocated to Ireland a few years ago and is gradually getting the attention he deserves, supporting Reginald D Hunter on tour as well as appearing at all the major festivals. He has a column in the Times and is a regular on Newstalk’s Hard Shoulder show.

One of the most welcome comedy comebacks in recent years is Michael Downey. In 2000 he was a finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards & the “So You Think You’re Funny” finals alongside Alan Carr, Russell Howard & John Bishop. He was laid up for a good bit after a car crash but is now back in flying form. If smart, witty, astute observational comedy is our game then Michael is your star player. It’s great to have him in Inn Jokes.

Tickets tickets tickets
The Dublin Story slam is back on October 17th as part of the Headstuff podcast festival! We are in our usual slot and spot but we’re on swanky posters and websites as well. To celebrate we are giving away tickets. Even though they’re only a tenner, because the thing sells out every time, they have an intangible value which is hard to put an exact figure on but you’re talking more than 12 euro anyway. Not only that but we are also giving away tickets for a number of other shows across the podcast festival
To win a pair of tickets to any one of the following shows please reply with your choice of podcast show you’d like tickets for and all the entries will be put into The Algorithm and names spat out on a ticker tape.

Info on what all the podcasts do. Have a look – you might find a new audio favourite.
Or rather second favourite after our podcast – the Dublin Story Slam podcasts which has now passed  20000 downloads! Which makes it worthy of a few exclamation marks!!OTHER NEWS
Drivetime diaries 
My final RTE Radio 1 Drivetime diary of the season was last Tuesday about the Ploughing Championship I’ll hopefully be back doing a few ad hoc ones, here and there, and also around Christmas and then next Summer again.

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