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 Fierce late for a newsletter to be going out. COWBOYS!
I was in America on a sort of a tour, playing at the Irish Arts Centre in New York, the Kansas City Public Library and Irish Centre and a few other places in both cities. And now I’m back with all sorts of notions. In America they have newsletters 100 storeys high did you know that?

Enough of the high-falutin and back to business – a really good Inn Jokes is lined up for next Wednesday. Patrick McDonnell has been at the heart of all the best comedy produced in Ireland over the last 15 years. In Father Ted he was the unforgettable Eoin McLove. He was a writer and actor in Stew along with another Inn Jokes favourite Paul Tylak. Then came Naked Camera and finally he was a writer and superb comic actor in The Savage Eye. And if all of that wasn’t enough Patrick McDonnell is one of the finest live stand up comedians in the country. Joining Patrick is a real treat in the form of Jack Wise This man is quite simply extraordinary. Funny comedian, brilliant magician and ventriloquist. It’s all merged together in a delightful show. He’s performed for the President, won a street preformance world champion and he was a great success on his last trip here nearly two years ago. Our opening act is Christian Talbot, winner of an award at Edinburgh last year (but we’ll let him tell you about that himself) and veteran of two very well-received Edinburgh Fringe campaigns

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