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Hopefully there’s still a bit of summer left before Mother Nature dumps her Ice Bucket over us.
Ah MAMMY wouldja wait?!” .

But we have much to be thankful for. The Dublin Bikes Scheme continues its remorseless march west. The bikes remain unmolested providing further proof that vandalism isn’t what it used to be. Apparently they’re all too busy on their smartphones calling each other out on Youtube.

Inn Jokes patrons who are parents have gotten used to the children being all growed up and gone to Big School so they’ll be grand at home while you come out to the Patriot’s and ‘get your laugh on’.

And the Patriot’s inn has a little bit of refurbishment – a new window, some door reconfiguration and the area where the sound desk was has been replaced with a much sought after sofa providing a perfect view of the stage. All this doing-up is just as well because EVERY ONE OF THE COMEDIANS this month ARE OFF THE TELLY.

Our Special Guest Headliner is a comedy favourite, inhabitor of one of the most beloved characters, great standup, author, actor on stage and screen here and in the UK. He’s been to Inn Jokes before, liked it and is coming back! Ably assisted by Kevin McGahern host of RTE’s Republic of Telly and Patrick Murray who was in the Real IRA (in Love/Hate)

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