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2nd Wednesday?

“Messing – that’s what it is. Pure messing. We were just getting used to it being the third Wednesday of the month and what does he go and do. Change it for a couple of months. He’s worse than the supermarkets for moving stuff around.”

Sorry, I just reading your mind there. For the next two Inn Jokeses for various reasons, they’re on different Wednesdays to the norm. The 2nd Wednesday to be precise. This Inn Jokes is on August 13th – Wednesday week and September’s one is on September 10th. I know it’s short notice as thousands of you will have had flights booked based on the Inn Jokes date. But the upside, it’s going to be cooler and this heatwave won’t have arrived yet.
We’ve three more great comedians to entertain you while we wait for the heatocalypse.
John Colleary is one of the best comedians in the country. Apart from being the fella off the telly John is a fantastic comedian with a range of skills, impersonation, story-telling, satire, one-liners and generally inspired messing. He’s a cornerstone of the Savage Eye and Irish Pictorial Weekly. Here’s some of his best work (but he has loads of best work)  one of those programmes  drunk tds and Gerry Adams. John is joined by Paul Tylak, and Ruairi Campbell.

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