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As the Indian Summer is terminated with a monsoon, Mother Nature has decided that that’s enough of your barbecue nonsense and “shorts in September? I never heard the likes of it before”
The good news as we approach the winter is that we are going to be allowed to name the storms ourselves – although we’ve been doing that for years. ‘Ahoorofa’ being one of the more popular choices.

With the outdoor world becoming more parlous, it’s time to retreat indoors to the darkness and anonymity of the Dublin pub, for conversation, revolution-plotting or, if that seems like too much effort, belly-laughs.
Inn Jokes awaits your belly and we’ve a special guest headliner to welcome you inside.

Our Special Guest is an Irish TV and Radio Star who has gigged all over the world, Five-starred the Edinburgh festival on numerous occasions . He’s a national radio presenter, IFTA winner, belts out a brand new show of high quality every year and is currently beavering away on some new projects coming to your TV-and-other-device screens soon.
Also on stage will be Fred Cooke, from Republic of Telly, Aidan Greene and extra special guest Andrea Farrell

MCed by meself. If I’ve to suddenly dash away from the venue from the stage at short notice, I’ll explain later.

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